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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

► EGYPT: Egyptair A321 tailstrike on take off; diverts to Larnaca with heavy damage.

According to the AviationHerald, an Egypt Air Airbus A321-200, registration SU-GBU performing flight MS-724 from Aleppo (Syria) to Cairo (Egypt) with 130 passengers, contacted the runway surface with its tail while rotating for takeoff from Aleppo at around 05:10L (02:10Z), the crew continued the climb to FL310. 

SU-GBU in Frankfurt (Frank Kuehne)
When the aircraft was enroute at FL310 about 85nm east of Larnaca (Cyprus) the crew decided to divert to Larnaca where the aircraft landed safely about 50 minutes after departure from Aleppo. 

The aircraft received substantial damage, and as a result, the flight was cancelled.

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