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Friday, July 6, 2012

► CONGO (KINSHASA): Korongo boosts frequencies/capacity to Kinshasa & Johannesburg.

Korongo Airlines
Lubumbashi-based Congolese carrier Korongo Airlines (ZC) is to increase both capacity and frequency on its routes to Johannesburg, South Africa and Kinshasa, DRC with effect from 1 September 2012.

Korongo 737
Korongo Airlines Boeing 737-300 (Pixstel)
Korongo Airlines: Lubumbashi, DRC – Johannesburg, South Africa
-Frequency increases from 2x to 4x weekly
  • ZC123 FBM0730 – 0945JNB 733 4
  • ZC123 FBM1510 – 1730JNB 733 137
  • ZC124 JNB1130 – 1350FBM 733 5
  • ZC124 JNB1845 – 2105FBM 733 13
  • ZC124 JNB1850 – 2110FBM 733 7
Korongo Airlines: Lubumbashi, DRC – Kinshasa, DRC
-All flights to operate with Boeing 737-300 instead of 3x weekly B737/Bae146.
  • ZC101 FBM0730 – 0850FIH 733 137
  • ZC105 FBM1655 – 1845FIH 733 256
  • ZC102 FIH1020 – 1340FBM 733 137
  • ZC106 FIH1945 – 2305FBM 733 256

Korongo Airlines started operations in April 2012 and is a joint-venture between Brussels Airlines and the Belgian multinational Groupe George Forrest International, with full support from Brussels Airlines' parent company Lufthansa.

Since its inception, Korongo has attempted to carve out a niche for itself in the lucrative, albeit accident and bureaucracy infested quagmire that is the Congolese aviation market. In the past, many foreign based airlines have failed where Korongo is attempting to succeed, the most recent casualty of which was South African Express' Congo subsidiary, Congo Express.