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Thursday, May 30, 2013

■ CAMEROON: Government now mulling privatization of Camair-Co.

Leading on from our previous report on its pending restructuring plan, Camair-Co (QC) is now set to hold its Annual General Meeting in Douala on June 7 to discuss a possible privatisation plan coupled with a share capital grant.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines confirms talks have begun with Government over 49% stake in Air Malawi, choice of local partner.

EthiopianAfter being declared the "preferred bidder" for a stake in Malawi's now dissolved national carrier Air Malawi (QM), Ethiopian Airlines (ET) says it has officially entered into negotiations with the government regarding its 49% buy-in.

Friday, February 15, 2013

► SUDAN: Sudanese Government in talks with Antonov over purchase of An148s/158s for Sudan Airways.

Sudan AirwaysAntonovSudan’s Transport Minister, Ahmed Babiker Nahar has signed a preliminary deal with Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, Antonov, for the purchase of  five Antonov aircraft for onward placement in Sudan Airways (SD). The move was precipitated by Sudan Airways' inability to access Western aircraft owing to US trade sanctions against Khartoum.

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines wins 49% stake in renewed Malawian national carrier.

Air MalawiEthiopian
Leading on from our previous post, Malawi's Privatization Commission yesterday declared Ethiopian Airlines (ET) the winner of the 49% Foreign Shareholder stake up for grabs in a renewed Malawian national carrier, set to succeed the quasi-defunct Air Malawi (QM). The Ethiopian national carrier was named the preferred bidder for the position of strategic partner in the new airline, Air Malawi (2012) Limited, based on its "global experience and competitiveness".

Thursday, February 14, 2013

► MALAWI: Air Malawi ceases all flights as new foreign investor to be announced in due course.

Air MalawiMalawi's beleaguered national carrier, Air Malawi (QM), has officially ceased flights with 243 employees also having been laid off, as the airline is liquidated in preparation for the founding of a new privatized venture, Air Malawi 2012.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

► RWANDA: Rising demand forces RwandAir to lease 737-700s, but how long until profitability and ultimately, privatization?

RwandAirRiding its current wave of strong passenger figures, Rwandair (WB) are to phase out their two Boeing 737-500 in favour of the larger, more economical Boeing 737-700. Rwandair currently operates two Boeing 737-500s.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

■ MALAWI: Establishment of new Airports Authority to aide improvement of ageing airport infrastructure.

MalawiThe Malawian Government is optimistic that the establishment of a new independent airports management company - the Malawi Airports Authority - will provide the country with a unique opportunity to improve its ageing infrastructure.

Friday, December 28, 2012

■ MALAWI: Over 240 Air Malawi employees face lay offs as privatization drive begins to hurt.

Air Malawi (QM) Ltd is to send "up to 243 employees" on leave pending retrenchment and retirement as part of the government's restructuring of the company, currently being overseen by the Privatization Commission.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

■ MALAWI: Privatization Commission unveils shortlisted bidders for Air Malawi; Ethiopian in, BA Comair out.

Malawi's Privatization Commission, the governmental department charged with overseeing the sell off and eventual privatization of national carrier Air Malawi (QM), has announced a shortlist of 5 potential investors for Air Malawi (2012) Limited, whittled down from the original 11.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

■ ZIMBABWE: Government crafts law to protect Air Zim from creditors; puts 74% stake in UM up for grabs.

Air ZimbabweThe Zimbabwean Government is once again looking for a strategic partner for Air Zimbabwe (UM). In a new proposal, a 74% shareholding in the ailing national carrier is to be put up for grabs after a previous deal with China's Hainan Airlines (HU), in February, broke down over Air Zimbabwe’s reluctance to grant Hainan a 65% stake rather than 45% as proposed.

Friday, November 16, 2012

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines, Comair Ltd express interest in 49% stake in Air Malawi.

The Malawian government this afternoon announced that a liquidator had been appointed for Air Malawi Ltd (QM) in order to facilitate the speedy settlement of its debts and liabilities as it moves ahead with the restructuring of the struggling national airline. Additionally, a short-list of possible investors has also been announced with Ethiopian Airlines, and twice shy suitor Comair Ltd in the running.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

► MALAWI: Air Malawi to be unbundled before privatization.

As Joyce Banda's Malawian government pushes on with its cost cutting measures aimed at freeing the ailing African nation's fiscus from millstone parastatals, up for sale is Air Malawi (QM) Ltd, in which the Malawian Government has pledged to honour all the national flag carrier's debts and liabilities as part of a deal sweetener. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

► NIGERIA: Air Nigeria to launch Dubai next; aims to be privatized by 2014.

Air NigeriaWith the successful launch last week of its Lagos - London (Gatwick) service using a leased Egyptair A330-200, Air Nigeria has announced that its next A330 is to arrive "in the next 20 days" with it to be deployed on their Lagos - Dubai route.

Also outlined were plans for a future Rome and Paris route (previously reported here by The African Aviation Tribune) where the chairman of Air Nigeria, Jimo Ibrahim, stated there was significant potential for business.

"He disclosed  that data available from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) showed that 58,000 passengers travelled to Rome last year; adding that Italian airline, Alitalia carried only 27,000 of these people and the rest were carried by other foreign carriers.
“So there is a beckoning market to those destinations. ‘So we will be flying Lagos-Rome-Paris. ‘We have got government approval to fly to Rome, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai. We will start flying to Dubai before the end of this quarter”, he said."
Air Nigeria A330 UK
Air Nigeria A330 at London Gatwick (Skylineraviation.de)
Of particular interest however, was the ambitious goal of turning Air Nigeria into a public listed company by 2014. 

"‘I want to assure you that effective two years from now; we will be depositing Air Nigeria into your hands.  What does that mean? Air Nigeria will now have to go PLC. It will now be an airline owned by Nigerians. I will sell my shares, and then you can buy some. Air Nigeria will be in the market. So we will meet at Annual General Meetings, and then we will discuss. So that is our plans. By then, Air Nigeria will be fully Nigerian,’ Ibrahim said.
He disclosed that the Nigeria Stock Exchange had invited the company this year to come and be listed under the special registry so that Air Nigeria would be in the market.
‘You will be a shareholder, I will be a shareholder. It will be our airline,’ he added."
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