Monday, May 27, 2013

■ CAMEROON: Camair-Co allegedly seeking government funds ahead of massive restructuring exercise.

The new CEO of Cameroonian national carrier, Camair-Co (QC), Matthijs Boertien, has reportedly asked the carrier's sole shareholder, the Cameroonian government, for funding to help support the airline for the next six months as part of a restructuring exercise.

Camair-Co 737
Camair-Co 737 (Camair-Co)
The report comes on the back of a recent news conference held by Camair's Commercial Director, Christian Perchat, on Thursday May 23 in Douala in which Mr Perchat stated uncategorically that in order for the airline to become an internationally competitive, viable entity, a full restructuring exercise coupled with a relaunch would be needed. Above all, an aggressive marketing drive to help bolster its public image and presence would have to be undertaken.
"We lacked structure and marketing action. Especially advertising, which was non-existent. This is not because we are a "Cameroonian company" - we must publicize ourselves; we must invest in this area and that is what has been missing, " he said. "When a company is built, you can not do everything at once. We are trying to bring Camair-Co in line with international standards and it requires a lot of work in terms of organization."

Perchat painted a gloomy picture of the current situation at Camair-Co stating that regional traffic, above all else, had been very poor.

He concluded by saying that management's first goal would be to unite the company as a team and to refocus the airline towards being customer-oriented. Additionally, the post of Financial Controller would be set up to help oversee the company's restructuring as well as to monitor monthly expenditures. The company's human resources department, which has to monitor all 530 staff, will also be computerized as a matter of urgency.