Monday, May 27, 2013

■ SOUTH AFRICA: Thales to upgrade ATNS South Africa's Radar system, ATM systems.

Thales logoThales and Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS) Company of South Africa have announced the recent signing of contracts including the replacement of the legacy ATNS ATM system with Thales' TopSky-ATC and the installation of Thales 970s Radars at the Wakkerstroom, Potgieterus and Rhodes radar sites. The contract also provides for a support and maintenance agreement for all existing ATNS radar sensors and TopSky-ATC systems.

ThalesCommenting on the strategic importance of the project, Patrick Oszczeda, VP Southern Africa and CEO of Thales South Africa, said:
South Africa is emerging as one of the fastest growing and complex ATM regions in the continent. This technology acquisition will allow ATNS to deploy a truly future proofed technology capable of not only dealing with the issues and challenges of Africa today, but also capable of growing and adapting as the airspace becomes more complex. We are proud to be associated with ATNS, especially as we explore new partnership strategies, which we believe will unlock ATNS’s full potential for growth and other avenues of development."
Mr. Thabani Mthiyane, ATNS CEO (Acting) added:
ATNS remains committed to the delivery safe and efficient operations to the ATM community. In delivering services to our customers and stakeholders, technology infrastructure and innovation play an important role in ensuring that we are able to do so. It was therefore important for ATNS to select a partner that will not only provide enabling technology, but will work with ATNS in ensuring that internal technology innovation capacity and capability is strengthened for the purpose of long term joint development and co-operation. This will further benefit the know-how and skills related to Air Traffic Management in South Africa as a whole, especially in the area of technology transfer and management."
This is a landmark contract for both Thales and ATNS. Over the past decade, African air traffic has increased exponentially with South Africa being one of the busiest airspaces in the continent. As a result, improved air space management, advanced technologies and system modernisation, are needed to meet future challenges of scalability and operational costs faced by both ANSPs and their industrial partners.