Thursday, May 16, 2013

► SOUTH AFRICA: fastjet's launch delayed until July - Bodin.

fastjetAs previously speculated by The African Aviation Tribune, fastjet (FN), has indeed announced a postponement in its planned South African venture with flights now set to commence from July 1, the carrier's chief  commercial officer, Richard Bodin, has said.

fastjet A320 in Dar es Salaam
fastjet A320 in Dar es Salaam (fastjet)
Initially slated to launch from May 30, the South African Department of Transport had previously stated that in order for fastjet Holdings, in which fastjet itself has a 25% stake, to use Federal Airlines’ (7V) AOC, it needs to apply to have the name changed with the DoT. Once an application is received, at least 21 days would be needed for the intentions to be gazetted and any possible objections to be lodged, after which the application would be discussed at the monthly Air Services Licensing Council, the next of which is due in June.

fastjet has also reopened bookings for its flights to Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, which it plans to resume in July, having suspended them in April.