Tuesday, May 21, 2013

■ MADAGASCAR: Nosy-Be runway extension Phase 1 complete; now A340s and B777s can land.

Madagascar flagThe first phase of renovation works at Nosy Be's Fascene Airport, a leading tourist destination on the island of Madagascar, has been completed. While it is still subject to regulatory approvals, the airport, in addition to its newly lengthened runway, can now accommodate large aircraft such as the A340 or B777. A second phase of work in the long term should see it capable of handling the A380, authorities claim.

Nosy Be (Fascene) Airport
Nosy Be (Fascene) Airport (P Lipinski)
Having begun in December 2012, the first phase of work at Nosy Be involved extending runway 05/23 from  2'190m to 2'230m with both ends extended to allow aircraft to turn. Added exit ramps to taxiways have also been added.

Forty runway lights were also added for night landings. 

The upgrade now means that Air France A340 B777 or other land there will now subject to obtaining the approval of international bodies. The cost of this first phase of work has exceeded EUR1.6 million; 30% of the project was financed by ADEMA - Aéroports de Madagascar the rest by the Malagasy government.

A second phase will involve adding an additional 2cm of thickness to the runway with an added extension of 750m (2'890m).