Tuesday, May 28, 2013

► SOUTH AFRICA: Skywise due in the skies from August 1 as DoT pours more cold water on fastjet's plans.

Johannesburg-based carrier, Skywise, the brainchild of several ex-1Time (T6) board executives, is aiming for an August 1 launch, exactly 1 month after fellow entrants, fastjet (FN), via their tie up with Federal Air (7V), plan to launch their operations.

According to ch-aviation, Skywise are eyeing a five times daily Johannesburg - Cape Town  service to be plied with two B737-300s; one based in each city.

In an interview with the SABC, founder Rodney James stated that:
"There's huge demand at the moment. If you just look at ticket prices at the moment, they've increased by 40 or 50% over the last 5 or 6 months. And the market has shrunk. So we need to bring some stiff competition in. Bring those airfares down by probably up to 25% and then grow the market again".
Source [SouthAfrica.to]

fastjet's South African ads
fastjet's South African ads assuming a July launch window (fastjet)
Meanwhile, the South African Department of Transport has once more warned that fastjet has still not engaged it regarding its modus operandi, despite having set yet another launch date (July 1) for its flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, also to be operated with the B737-300 initially.
"Andries explained that it would be possible for Federal Air to operate the flights on behalf of fastjet using its existing aircraft but should the airline use new aircraft or sell tickets under the fastjet name it would need to go through the CAA and DoT’s necessary regulatory processes. For now, Andries says, the DoT is keeping an eye on fastjet."
Source [BTNow]