Wednesday, May 22, 2013

■ QATAR: QCAA signs Open Skies deals with Chad, Tunisia; BASAs with Burundi and Egypt.

Qatar flagThe State of Qatar, through the Qatari Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), has announced the signing of various bilateral air service-related agreements and memoranda with various African countries over the past month. Agreements and Memoranda include: a finalized bilateral air services agreement (BASA) with Burundi that had previously been only initialled back in March 2010; a memorandum of understanding with Tunisia regarding its planned Open Skies treaty, a finalized Open Skies deal with Chad and an MoU pertaining to a BASA with Egypt.
The signing ceremony in Doha
The signing ceremony in Doha (QCAA)
Regarding its BASA with Burundi, the agreement provides for the national carriers of both countries to operate 7 weekly passenger and cargo flights through any intermediate or beyond points of their respective territories.

The Qatari Civil Aviation Authority has also announced that after a round of talks in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, an air service (MoU) between Qatar and Tunisia was signed allowing the national flag carriers of both countries to operate any number of weekly flights (passenger and cargo) between the two countries with fifth freedom on all intermediate and beyond points.

A similar, albeit finalized, Open Skies treaty was also signed with the Republic of Chad.

Lastly, following intensive talks that lasted for two days the QCAA signed an air services memorandum of understanding with the government of Egypt in which designated carriers from the two countries can operate 14 passenger flights weekly between Doha and Cairo in the upcoming period with plans to increase this to sixteen flights by the summer of 2013.

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