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Monday, September 16, 2013

► MAYOTTE: Air Austral, CCIM, Ylang Invest move to formally create Ewa Air.

Mayotte flagThe Mayotte Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Mayotte) along with Air Austral (UU) and the Yland Investment consortium officially signed an investment contract last week effectively breathing life into the new Dzaoudzi-based regional carrier, Ewa Airlines.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

■ MAYOTTE: New terminal at Dzaoudzi Pamandzi Int'l Airport due to open in February 2014.

Mayotte flagThe archipelago of Mayotte, a French overseas department located in the northern Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, will unveil its new passenger terminal at Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport in February 2014, with works expected to be complete by the end of the year. Originally due to come online this year, delays have been experienced owing to what the Mahoran press have described as "logistical difficulties."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

► MAYOTTE: New Indian Ocean regional carrier, Ewa, eyes Madagascar, Tanzania, Comoros and Mozambique flights from Q4.

Mayotte flagLa Réunion-based carrier, Air Austral (UU), is set to partner the Mayotte Chamber of Commerce and Industry among other shareholders in setting up a new regional carrier to be based out of Dzaoudzi.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

► RÉUNION: Air Austral outlines its Summer 2013 timetable; added Paris CDG flights due in November.

Air AustralLa Réunion-based French carrier, Air Austral (UU), has outlined its planned Northern Summer 2013 timetable, which runs from 31 March to 26 October 2013, and which aims to optimize its flight schedule in order to help return the airline to break-even during the 2013/2014 Financial Year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

► MAYOTTE: Air Caraïbes codesharing with Corsair on its Madagascar, Réunion, Dzaoudzi routes.

Air Caraïbes (TX), the regional airline of the French Caribbean, has since 10JAN13 expanded its codeshare operation with Corsair International (SS), which covers the latter’s France – Indian Ocean routes to Madagascar, La Réunion and Dzaoudzi (Mayotte).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

► RÉUNION: Air Austral restructures Africa routes.

Air Austral
Troubled French carrier, Air Austral (UU), who last month announced the cancellation of several of its Provence France destinations as well as its Australia and New Caledonia routes, is to reorganize several of its African destinations, as it fights back from a miserable 2011 Financial Year, which saw it cancelling its order for two Airbus A380s.

Air Austral A380
A rendering of Air Austral's A380 (flightglobal)
The announced changes:
Air Austral
St. Denis de la Reunion – Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT) – Moroni (Comoros):

Twice weekly service moves from Tuesday & Sunday to Monday & Thursday.
  • UU255 RUN1100 – 1210DZA1310 – 1350HAH 738 14
  • UU256 HAH1450 – 1530DZA1650 – 1950RUN 738 14

St. Denis de la Reunion – Johannesburg (South Africa):
Operational schedule changes for the two weekly flights, moving from night-time to afternoon/evening hours, as well as moving from Thursday & Sunday to Monday & Thursday.
  • UU341 RUN1515 – 1725JNB 738 4
  • UU311 RUN1515 – 1725JNB 738 1
  • UU342 JNB1825 – 0015+1RUN 738 4
  • UU312 JNB1825 – 0015+1RUN 738 1

St. Denis de la Reunion – Nossi-Be (Madagascar) – Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT/Comoros)
Service increases from 2x to 3x weekly
  • UU203 RUN1100 – 1150NOS1235 – 1320DZA 738 257
  • UU204 DZA1520 – 1605NOS1650 – 1930RUN 738 257

St. Denis de la Reunion – Seychelles
Twice weekly service moving from Thursday & Saturday to Wednesday & Friday.
  • UU431 RUN0900 – 1140SEZ 738 3
  • UU451 RUN0900 – 1140SEZ 738 5
  • UU432 SEZ1230 – 1505RUN 738 3
  • UU452 SEZ1230 – 1505RUN 738 5
St. Denis de la Reunion – Toamasina (Madagascar)

Service reduces from 3x to 2x weekly.
  • UU555 RUN1530 – 1620TMM AT7 5
  • UU515 RUN1530 – 1620TMM AT7 1
  • UU556 TMM1705 – 1950RUN AT7 5
  • UU516 TMM1705 – 1950RUN AT7 1

Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT) – Mahajanga (Madagascar)

Twice weekly service moving from Wednesday & Friday to Wednesday & Saturday.
  • UU244 DZA1310 – 1355MJN 738 36
  • UU245 MJN1445 – 1530DZA 738 36