Monday, April 30, 2012

► GAMBIA: Gambia Bird to start Banjul - Conakry, Dakar, Lagos and Freetown.

Gambia Bird logoGambia Bird, a soon-to-be Gambian startup based in Banjul, Gambia has announced intentions to start service between Banjul and Conakry(Guinea), Dakar(Senegal), Lagos(Nigeria) and Freetown(Sierra Leone) with effect from summer 2012.

Gambia Bird aircraft
A rendition of a Gambia Bird Airbus.
As a joint venture between the Gambian government and Germania subsidiary Flynext, they will use an A319-100 operated by Flynext, a scenario that is fast becoming common place in Africa apropos Korongo in Congo Kinshasa whose aircraft and maintenance are done by Brussels Airlines of Belgium, and Equatorial Congo Airlines whose crews and technical support are provided by Geneva-based VIP business carrier PrivatAir.


  1. Well I'd give it about six months, if it ever gets started, a joint venture with the Gambian Govt.! I suggest the backers go back over the last 20 years of aviation history in Gambia and then think again,but then as the saying goes a fool and his money are easily parted.
    Want to make a small fortune in aviation, start with a big one!!

  2. Gambia bird is taking Gambia to another level of civilization and development, that is good to the people of the gambia