Wednesday, June 6, 2012

► KENYA: Egyptair A320 skids on landing at Nairobi; massive delays follow.

This morning, at 03.36am local time, an Egyptair Airbus A320-200 (SU-GBG), performing flight MS 849 from Cairo to Nairobi, skidded on touchdown at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, before eventually ending up in soft mud. There were 123 passengers on-board all of whom were able to safely disembark from the stranded aircraft.
Egyptair A320 Accident
Egyptair A320 SU-GBG in the mud at Nairobi. (Buggs79)
"All passengers and crew were safely evacuated to the terminal building even as  all emergencies operations at the Airport including fire and rescue were activated immediately."

The resulting closure of Nairobi's lone runway has caused numerous delays and diversions for various airlines, most notably Kenya Airways, who have had to delay many departures as well as divert many arriving aircraft to either Mombasa, Entebbe or Dar es Salaam