Monday, September 10, 2012

► MOZAMBIQUE: Turkish Airlines looks to add Maputo to route network in coming months.

Turkish Airlines
The Turkish media this week allured to a new possible route between Istanbul and Maputo, Mozambique as Turkey aims to extend its carrier, Turkish Airlines' (TK), reach even further into the continent.

Following the recent signing of a new memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Gabon which will see service to Libreville and possibly, another as yet unnamed destination (either Franceville or Port Gentil), the Turkish Ministry of Transportation's Suat Hayri Aka stated that: 

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800
A Turkish Airlines 737-800
"As part of the African integration efforts we signed deals to boost air traffic with 15 countries from this continent at a recent meeting. We will organize new conferences to meet partners from Africa and the Americas before the end of this year."
Source [TodaysZaman]

The ministry official said Turkey is looking into extending its partnerships with 30 other countries, amongst them Mozambique. 

The Turkish Transportation Ministry's Civil Aviation General Directorate's (SHGM) General Manager Bilal Ekşi said that they were likely to ink a deal with Mozambique in the coming weeks, whilst in a recent interview in Maputo, the Turkish Ambassador to Mozambique, Aylin Taşhan, hinted at his country's ongoing efforts to secure a direct Turkish Airlines'  flight between Turkey and Mozambique.

Mozambique is set to add Qatar Airways to its growing list of international carriers from October.