Tuesday, July 24, 2012

► MAURITIUS: Air Mauritius wants either 787s or A350s for fleet renewal; announces further Africa route changes.

Air Mauritius
Mauritian national carrier Air Mauritius (MK) has gone on record as saying it is considering finding a suitable strategic partner in the form of a larger airline "to help it" in its fleet rejuvenation plans, something akin to Air Seychelles' (HM) deal with Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways (EY) which has already seen the struggling Seychellois carrier receiving its first A330 as part of its turnaround efforts.

Air Mauritius boss Andre Viljoen said the objective was for Air Mauritius to be rid of its A340s by 2017 at the latest, and for them to be replaced by either Boeing 787 Dreamliners or Airbus A350s.
A strategic partner may assist with our own required future fleet requirements,” he said in the presentation, adding that new twin-jet planes will be a “game-changer,” offering a saving of as much as 30 percent over the four-engine A340s."
For the recent financial year, Air Mauritius posted a €30million loss compared with a €6.3million profit a year earlier, with operating expenses rising 14 percent. Viljoen was adamant though that in order for Air Mauritius to achieve its most important short term goal of returning to profitability in 2013/2014, it would have to undergo some much needed belt tightening in the form of route cancellations and modifications amongst which Durban, South Africa.will be dropped effective October 2012.

In the meantime, Air Mauritius has announced various operational changes to its African routes effective 28 October 2012 (European Winter) 2012).

Air Mauritius' Africa Network.


● Air Mauritius Africa Operational Changes Winter 2012 ●

-Effective 28 October 2012
-Additional changes remain possible:

Mauritius – Antananarivo, Madagascar
- Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly, with operational aircraft changes. Previously the airline planned to operate 6 weekly flights
- Service until 27October 2012 operates 4x weekly with an Airbus A340-300
  • MK288 MRU1430 – 1510TNR 343 247
  • MK288 MRU1430 – 1525TNR 319 35
  • MK289 TNR1655 – 1940MRU 343 247
  • MK289 TNR1655 – 1940MRU 319 35
Mauritius – Cape Town, South Africa 
- Planned service increase from 2x to 3x weekly remains unchanged
  • MK843 MRU0900 – 1305CPT 319 246
  • MK844 CPT1355 – 2110MRU 319 246
Mauritius – Johannesburg, South Africa
- Service increases from 5x to 10x weekly. Previously the airline planned to increase flights to 14x weekly.
  • SA851 MRU0915 – 1150JNB 343 246
  • SA851 MRU0915 – 1150JNB 319 x246
  • SA847 MRU2040 – 2315JNB 319 246
  • SA848 JNB0005 – 0605MRU 319 357
  • SA852 JNB1335 – 1935MRU 343 246
  • SA852 JNB1335 – 1935MRU 319 x246
Mauritius – Durban, South Africa 
- Service ceases from 28 October 2012.

Mauritius – Nairobi, Kenya
- Planned service increase from 2 weekly to 3 weekly remains unchanged
  • MK534 MRU0855 – 1215NBO 319 246
  • MK535 NBO1305 – 1820MRU 319 246