Friday, August 31, 2012

► KENYA: Air Berlin to quit Mombasa from April 2013.

Air Berlin Germany's second largest airline, Air Berlin (AB) will, from 7 April, cease its twice weekly Airbus A330 flight from Munich, Germany to Mombasa, Kenya, adding yet another airline to the growing list of carriers pulling out of the Kenyan port city route, as the Eurozone crisis continues to hurt the pockets of Europeans, with African tourism experiencing a knock on effect.

Air Berlin: Munich, Germany - Mombasa, Kenya
  • AB7362 MUC 2105 - 0615+1 MBA 332 | 37 (ENDS 7 APRIL 2012)
  • AB7363 MBA 0805 - 1530+1 MUC 332 | 4
  • AB7363 MBA 0810 - 1540+1 MUC 332 | 1 (ENDS 8 APRIL 2012)
Source [Amadeus]

Mombasa Moi International Airport
Mombasa Moi International Airport (MWolter)

According to WolfganghThome's blog, the news has been taken very badly by those involved in the city's aviation and tourism scene:
"At a time when we need more airlines, more seats we now get less. It is a big blow and my colleagues are wondering which one will pull next. This is nearing the 2008 proportions at the coast and if the ministry says Mombasa is doing so well, they are plainly not telling the truth. Occupancies are down, revenues are down, discretionary spending is down."
Source [WolfganghThome]