Thursday, November 22, 2012

● ANGOLA: TAAG, Pimentel Araújo elected to Chairmanship of AFRAA.

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Linhas Aéreas de Angola better known as TAAG Angolan Airlines (DT) were this week elected to the chairmanship of the Executive Committee of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), during their recently ended 44th Annual General Meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pimentel Araújo
Pimentel Araújo
The position of Chairman of the Executive Committee has therefore been entrusted to Pimentel Araújo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAAG. The Angolan company was elected a member of the Executive Committee, composed of 13 member companies and that meets three times per year, at its last AGM in November 2011.

The election represents the recognition of TAAG, by its African counterparts, of the progress it has made in "various areas" that has led to to it becoming one of the leading airlines in the region (though under in what context 'leading' is defined, is uncertain).

The Executive Committee is the supreme organ of the African Airlines Association, an institution that sets the direction and establishes the fundamental decisions in the first instance on their destinations, subjecting them to the final approval of the general meeting. Its tasks include, the choice of the secretary-general of the association, the hiring of external auditors, the establishment of quotas of member countries' companies, approval of action plans of the various standing committees of AFRAA, the training of staff members.