Thursday, November 29, 2012

► TANZANIA: (Pics) fastjet's inaugural revenue flight to Mwanza.

fastjetLCC fastjet (FN) finally became a reality with the launch today of its maiden route from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza followed by Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro later in the morning.

According to fastjet, FN0161 to Mwanza lifted off at 06h00L from Dar es Salaam's JNIA Airport and was full.

fastjet's inaugural revenue flight from Dar es Salaam 

- Mwanza (All Pictures courtesy fastjet)

Off blocks at 06h00L in Dar es Salaam.
fastjet boss Ed Winter in Mwanza
The crew of FN0161 arriving in Mwanza
The crew of FN0161 in Mwanza
A cake of the avian variety to celebrate with in Kilimanjaro
Speaking to aviation magazine Flightglobal in Dar es Salaam prior to the launch,  Winter declined to comment on media speculation about Fastjet holding talks with South Africa's recently-liquidated LCC 1Time Airline (T6), saying: 
"Clearly at some point we would want to be in South Africa...but we're in the middle of a number of negotiations and discussions in various parts of Africa."