Wednesday, November 7, 2012

► ALGERIA: Air Algérie now wants Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Amsterdam, New York in addition to Joburg and Lagos.

Air Algérie logoFollowing on from our previous report, Algerian carrier, Air Algèrie (AH) has announced plans to open routes to South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, the Netherlands, the United States and a second route in China.

Whilst no specific timetables have been mentioned, the carrier did allure to the following frequencies, ex Algiers, via its Facebook account:
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - 2x weekly
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2x weekly,
  • Lagos, Nigeria - 3x weekly,
  • Shanghai, China - 3x weekly,
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands - 3x weekly,
  • New York, United States - 5x weekly.
Source [Air Algèrie Facebook]

 A rendering of an Air Algèrie 787
A possibility? A rendering of an Air Algèrie 787 (JAmieva)
The addition of Shanghai, China comes as Air Algèrie mulls its Beijing route's future (a decision is due before next year), long deemed to be uneconomical in the light of stiff competition from Gulf carriers. The prospect of the construction of a new grand Mosque in Algiers, however, may prove to be the boost the route needs to remain viable.

Discussing the airline's Algiers-Beijing route, Air Algèrie CEO, Mohamed-Salah Boultif, said:
"We're still in the evaluation stage of this route. We are still awaiting the construction of the Great Mosque of Algiers, then we'll see," said Mr. Boultif which refers to the arrival of thousands of Chinese workers for the purpose of the construction of the great Mosque of Algiers.
Source [AirJournal]

In order to sustain the opening of new routes, Boultif has made mention of  a USD751million cash injection into the parastatal to be used for renewal of the fleet during the period 2012-2016. It is understood that Air Algerie will soon acquire three new 150-seater aircraft in addition to renewing its three Boeing 767 currently in service.