Wednesday, November 7, 2012

■ ANGOLA: New wave of airport construction projects outlined in Kuando-Kubango.

ENANARiding its continued economic high thanks to record oil prices, Angola has announced a second massive phase of aviation infrastructure development with news that it intends to build several new airports/aerodromes in and around the province of Kuando-Kubango.

Kuando-Kubango Province
Kuando-Kubango Province
The announcement was made by the Governor of the province of Kuando Kubango, Higino Carneiro, while on a visit to the town of Menogue, site of the refurbishment of Comandante Kwenha Airport, scheduled to be completed by March 2013. Comandante Kwenha Airport will have a 3'500 x 45m wide runway, able to handle TAAG Angolan Airlines (DT) Boeing 777s, with a capacity for 600 passengers/hour, as well as disembarkation and boarding spaces.

During the tour, Governor Carneiro stated:
"Five aerodromes designed for small and medium-sized aircraft are due to be built in the municipalities of Calai, Cuangar, Dirico, Rivungo and Nankova, in the Angolan province of Kuando-Kubango, in order to reduce travel times between the towns and improve movement of people and goods."

After a devastating Civil War that left the country in ruins until the ceasefire of 2002, Angola has moved quickly to rehabilitate its infrastructure, though the process has been hampered by the widespread prevalence of land mines as well as poor soil conditions.

The first phase of Angola's infrastructural redevelopment saw the renovation and construction of airports in Cabinda, Soyo and Mbanza Congo (Zaire), Malanje, in Ndalatando (Kwanza Norte), Dundo (Lunda-Norte), Saurimo (Lunda Sul) Huambo, Lubango (Huila), Benguela and "Catumbelinha" (also in Benguela province).