Thursday, November 1, 2012

■ KENYA: Kenya Airways releases its Operations Report for Q2 2012 (July - September).

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways (KQ) today released its Operations Report for the Second Quarter of 2012 ending 30 September 2012.

Overall no huge changes on last years numbers, but once again the Kenyan carrier saw a slump in the number of passengers on its European routes in the period between July and September, due to the ongoing Eurozone crisis.

Kenya Airways 787 Dreamliner due in late 2013
Kenya Airways 787 due in late 2013 (Boeing)

Capacity Available: % Change on Q2 2011

The measure of an airline flight's passenger carrying capacity against the same period in 2011.

Kenya Airways' market capacity totaled 3.817million seat kilometres which was 4.9% above last year’s level.  There were new destinations launched: Delhi (India) - May 2012, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – Oct 2011 and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) – July 2012.
  • Middle East & Far East (+34.5%)
  • North Africa (+4.2%): Growth here was spurred on by the introduction of increased frequencies.
  • East Africa (+11.4%): Due to increased deployment of larger aircraft; launch of new Kilimanjaro, Tanzania route in July of this year.
  • Southern Africa (+3.0%)
  • West Africa (+9.1%)
  • Europe (-13.8%): The ongoing EuroZone crisis continues to take its toll. Additionally, capacity rationalization (i.e flying of smaller aircraft) and the suspension of the Rome flight lead to lower capacity.
  • Kenya (Domestic) (-9.6%): The drop was as a result of aircraft downgrades on the Nairobi - Mombasa route with the the smaller Embraer E190 replacing the larger B737.
  • Cargo Capacity  (+1.6%): Cargo capacity grew by 1.6% while tonnage remained the same compared to last year.  Exports from Kenya dropped on account of unfavorable weather patterns evidenced in the quarter (droughts) and by reduced market capacity.  Volumes from Europe shrunk reflecting the volatile economic conditions there.

Seat Occupancy: % Occupancy for Q2 2012 (% Change compared to Q2 2011)

Essentially, the fullness of your aircraft cabin on all flights on a particular route over the same quarter in 2011.

The total passenger tally, which closed at 1,004,425, was on par with this period last year resulting in a reduced cabin factor of 72.9% level.
  • Middle East, India & Far East: 72.9% (-16.4%)
  • Africa: 65.9% (-2.0%)
  • Europe: 82.7% (+0.6%) Passenger uplift to Europe at 134,214 was a reduction on last year’s level of 158,247 following capacity reduction.
  • Kenya (Domestic): 79.9% (+5.9%) Passengers uplifted within Kenya at 202,112 reduced by 0.4%
Source [Kenya Airways]

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