Monday, May 21, 2012

► EGYPT: Saudia suffers 2 birdstrikes in 7 days at Cairo; new fad amongst birds?

It seems birds hanging around Cairo International Airport, Egypt have taken a strong liking to being mowed down by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SU) jets, as The Aviation Herald reports that within the space of a week, two Saudia aircraft have suffered bird strikes: one on landing, the other on take off.

An Egyptian bird.
An Egyptian bird.
It all started off  on 13th May with a Saudi Arabian Boeing 747-300 innocently climbing out of Cairo bound for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, minding its own business when:

Saudia B747-300
Saudia B747-300 (KWSideB)
"A Saudia Boeing 747-300, flight SV-312 from Cairo (Egypt) to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) with 142 passengers, was climbing out of Cairo when a large bird impacted the windshield. The aircraft returned to Cairo for a safe landing about 10 minutes after departure.

Following examination of the windshield the aircraft was able to depart again and reached Riyadh with a delay of 4:45 hours.

Then, a week later, on May 20th, more shenanigans:

Saudia A320 HZ-AS17
Saudia A320 HZ-AS17 (Gianluca Mantellini)
"A Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration HZ-AS17 performing flight SV-311 from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Cairo (Egypt), was on approach to Cairo when a bird impacted the leading edge of the left hand wing. The aircraft continued for a safe landing.

Following repairs the aircraft was able to perform the return flight SV-310 with a delay of 3.5 hours.

Lets hope that someone gets these birds the help they so desperately need.