Wednesday, May 9, 2012

► SEYCHELLES: Air Seychelles' crew complete Airbus A320/A330 training in Abu Dhabi.

Air SeychellesIn preparation for the introduction into service of the Airbus A330 and Airbus A320, Air Seychelles crew have recently completed their conversion courses for the types in Abu Dhabi, under the auspices of Etihad Airways.

"18 cabin crew members were presented with their course certificates in the presence of Home Affairs and Transport Minister Joel Morgan, who had travelled with Air Seychelles CEO Cramer Bell to Abu Dhabi to witness the occasion.
The second such course for Air Seychelles cabin crew is presently ongoing and a third group has left Mahe for Abu Dhabi last weekend it is understood. Type rating courses are also underway for cockpit crew and engineers, who require the conversion course to be able to fly on and maintain Airbus aircraft."
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Now 40 percent owned by Etihad, Air Seychelles used to operate a fleet of 5 B767-200/300 aircraft but, since restructuring started in October 2011, is now in the process of rebuilding using one wet leased A330-200 and one A320, to serve as the foundation for a future, more financially robust airline.