Wednesday, May 9, 2012

► TUNISIA: Tunisair reports strong Q1 as Tunisia's tourism rebounds.

TunisairTunisair's (TU) results for the first quarter of 2012 shown a remarkable rebound from the same time last year when events of The Arab Spring caused considerable disruptions to many North African and Arab carriers, some of whom, are still reeling.

Reports show that Tunisair's passenger traffic for Q1 surged to 672,962 passengers flown, compared with 2011's figure of 445,646 flown for the same period. Consequently, revenue also rose substantially to TND170.193 million dinars (about €85million), compared with 2011 (€118.780 million) as also to 2010 (€158.805 million).

Overall, tourism in Tunisia appears to be on the mend with Government figures showing a 53% climb on 2011 with 938.000 tourists arriving overall.