Sunday, May 6, 2012

■ SOMALIA: New Terminal opened in Hargeisa as Somalia rebuilds.

SomaliaWith construction having begun in 2010, the first part of the renovation of Hargeisa's International Airport is complete, with the opening of the new Arrivals Terminal. Also in the pipeline is the laying down of the foundation for new taxiways and a new runway.

The new Terminal at Hargeisa (Somaliland Press)
The Vice President opened the new terminal at Hargeisa Airport today; the project began in 2010 and involved lengthening the existing runway, constructing a taxiway, an apron and a new terminal that can now handle more passengers than before.
“This new phase will include the construction of a 1 KM and 700m parallel taxiway, which will be funded by UNDP, cargo apron and associated facilities,” the Vice President said.

The projects are funded by China and the UNDP respectively.