Thursday, May 3, 2012

● UGANDA: Ugandan CAA seeks partners to develop Entebbe Airport; Plans to build second runway.

With the rapid growth occurring in the Ugandan civil aviation field, it stands to reason that the country's infrastructure would have to be up standard, in order to stand any hope of being a player in the region, given Kenya's dominance.

Uganda's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s Corporate affairs Manager, Mr Ignie Igunduura stated that Uganda’s Aviation will perform better in the next twelve months and coming years provided the economy sustains its growth.
“We have been growing and expect to sustain this growth. Air transport does not work in isolation. It facilities the economy and in turn, the economy facilities it. Provided the indicators of growth are still present and bearing results in our economy, Aviation will also keep growing,” Mr Igunduura said.
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It seems that for once, a government run department is taking the initiative to lead the field, instead of playing a game of catch up. Recently, the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority issued a tender in the Ugandan Investment Authority's website seeking partnerships with foreign companies for the following projects at the Entebbe International Airport: 
  • Design and construction of new cargo centre
  • Renovation and refurbishment of general aviation terminal for domestic use 
  • Development of an export processing zone at the airport, similar to the Freeport at Dubai International Airport
  • Construction of an in-flight catering services unit
  • Development of a ferry port at Entebbe airport area
  • Construction of an aircraft maintenance hanger
  • Construction of passenger loading bridges 
  • Provision of airline business operations
"The Civil Aviation Authority has a five-year strategic plan to expand Entebbe Airport that includes remodelling the car parking lot to a multi-levelled one, and double the aeroplane hangars from the current 11 to 22. It is also planning for a second runway to accommodate bigger planes like those owned by Qatar and Emirates Airways."