Monday, March 11, 2013

► CONGO (KINSHASA): UTair Mi-8 chopper crashes near Bukavu; 4 dead.

A Russian UTAir (UT) Mil Mi-8AMT (MSN 39-10 | RA-22472) helicopter has crashed near the town of Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. All 4 occupants (4 crew) have died as the chopper came down in torrential rain.

UTAir Mil Mi-8 helicopter (VKorobkov)
The Mil, operating a flight between Shabunda and Bukavu on behalf of the United Nations, had been reported missing on Saturday following torrential rains that had rendered flying dangerous. A follow up search on Sunday located the wreckage at an altitude of 2'700m, 20km southwest of the town of Bukavu.

UTAir stated that the last communication from the stricken helicopter had been received at 10h17L.