Wednesday, March 6, 2013

■ SOUTH AFRICA: (Pics) kulula's rebranding campaign mocks South African Airways.

kululakulula (MN), the South African LCC known for its edgy advertising campaigns and humour, has taken it a step further by rebranding itself as "The Most South African Airways", a development likely to cause some backlash from South African Airways (SA), with whom parent company, Comair Ltd, is currently in court with, disputing the legality of SAA's bailouts.

kulula's rebranding

kulula's rebranding

kulula's rebranding
kulula's rebranding (kulula)
At a news conference held in Johannesburg today, kulula said it had "confidently branded its new fleet with the slogan 'The Most South African Airways', as it prides itself on flying locals from all walks of life all over South Africa's skies."
"We thought long and hard about a slogan that truly represents who we are as an airline and communicates our passion for South African travel, and this was the most fitting. We are proud of it and are sure it will be well received by our fans," says Nadine Damen, kulula's marketing manager.
Source [News24]

The brand was unofficially launched in South African paper "The Sunday Times" though no immediate response or comment has been heard from SAA.