Friday, July 19, 2013

■ CAMEROON: Parliament ratifies new Civil Aviation Regulations bill.

The Cameroonian parliament has adopted a Civil Aviation Regulations Bill following a plenary sitting of the Upper House in Yaoundé on July 16. The bill is based on recommendations made by the ICAO following a September 2006 audit of the country's civil aviation structures which revealed several shortcomings both in terms of legislation as well as implementation.

Parliament in Yaounde
According to a government press release, Minister of Transport, Mr Robert Nkili, the bill, consisting of 195-individual sections, seeks to merge two current laws - Law N° 63-LF-35 of 5 November 1963 to institute the Civil Aviation Code and Law N° 98/23 of 24 December 1998 relating to civil aviation regulations - into one all encompassing act, thereby bringing legislation in line with global norms.

The new law has provision for the establishment of a Civil Aviation Fund which will be used, inter alia, to finance civil aviation development projects, to settle the country's various outstanding debts to various international civil aviation bodies and to finance the development and expansion of domestic airlinks in line with existing constitutional  obligations.