Thursday, July 25, 2013

► PORTUGAL: HiFly refutes all claims pertaining to its A310 and the Tunisian authorities.

Portuguese ACMI firm, HiFly (5K), has refuted all claims pertaining to a tentative leasing deal with Tunisian national carrier, Tunisair (TU), for an A310-300 (MCN 565 | CS-TEX), in which a report carried by Tunisian television station, Watania2, and referenced here by The African Aviation Tribune, claimed the aircraft had been denied an airworthiness certificate on the grounds of non-compliance.

In its response, HiFly states that its A310-300 (MCN 565 | CS-TEX) "had never been inspected" by either by "the Tunisian authorities, Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC), or by Tunisair", though "a brief documentation review of the aircraft took place in June, with no findings reported to Hi Fly."

It goes on to state that while there were discussions "to wet lease one A310 to Tunisair for the summer", these discussions never resulted in anything tangible as the aircraft was found to be "too big for the short haul needs of Tunisair for the summer period" with the aircraft subsequently "placed on another project".