Monday, July 22, 2013

► FLEET UPDATE BULLETIN: Afriqiyah, Libyan Airlines, Syphax Airlines, Comair, Afric Aviation, Solenta Aviation, Tassili Airlines, Air Algérie, AfricaWest, Air Memphis & Royal Air Maroc.

The following is a fleet update bulletin for aircraft that are in use, have been in use or will be in use for these listed airlines: Afriqiyah Airlines (8U), Libyan Airlines (LN), Syphax Airlines (FS), Comair Ltd (MN), Tassili Airlines (SF), Air Algérie (AH), Africa West (FK), Afric Aviation (L8), Solenta Aviation, Air Memphis (E9), Royal Air Maroc (AT).

Air Memphis' MD83 all dolled up and ready to go in Hurghada
Air Memphis' MD83 all dolled up and ready to go in Hurghada (Pawel Kierzkowski)
  • Afriqiyah Airlines (8U) has taken redelivery of its A320-200, (MCN 4203 | 5A-ONJ), from France where it had been undergoing repair for damage sustained during the Libyan Civil War. It is expected to return to revenue service shortly.
  • Libyan Airlines (LN) has taken delivery of its second A330-200, (MSN 1412 | 5A-LAR). The aircraft touched down at Mitiga International Airport on July 16.
  • Syphax Airlines' (FS) first A330-200 (MCN 345 | TS-IRA) has officially been certified by the Tunisian regulator (L'Office de l'aviation civile et des aéroports).
  • South Africa's Comair Ltd has taken delivery of a Boeing 737-400 (MSN 26065 | ZS-?). The jet is currently in Johannesburg awaiting registration and deployment.
  • Gabon's Afric Aviation (L8) has begun wet-leasing an ATR72-200 (MCN 460 | ZS-XCB), that belongs to South African ACMI specialists, Solenta Aviation. The aircraft was originally used with Senegal Airlines (DN).
  • Tassili Airlines (SF) has been operating one of its four B737-800s, (MSN 40886 | 7T-VCC), on behalf of the Algerian national carrier, Air Algérie (AH), since late June.
  • Togolese operator, Africa West (FK), will lease a former DanubeWings(V5) ATR72-200, (MCN 373| ?), from Slovakian ACMI specialists, Tatra Leasing. The aircraft is expected to be converted into a freighter before joining the Togolese cargo specialist's fleet at some point in the future. With a second ATR72F expected later in the year, Africa West intends to expand its regional operations to cover more West and Central African cities.
  • Egypt's charter operator, Air Memphis (E9) has moved to reactivate its McDonnell Douglas MD-83, (MSN 49628 | SU-BME) marking the second aircraft in its fleet to resume operations following the reintroduction of its DC-9-30, (MSN 48131 | SU-PBO), in May on flights to Iran.
  • The first of two Denim Air ACMI (J7) Embraer E190 (MSN 190.00372 | PH-DNA) to be operated for Royal Air Maroc (AT) this summer has arrived in Casablanca and been deployed into service to Bordeaux. The second, (MSN 190.00373 | PH-DNB), is due shortly.
Source [AeroTunisie, ch-aviation, skyliner]