Tuesday, June 4, 2013

► EGYPT: Air Memphis, at last, begins flights between Egypt and Iran.

Air Memphis logoEgyptian carrier, Air Memphis (MHS), has at long last launched operations between Egypt and Iran following the arrival of its DC9-30 in Tehran on Friday, May 31. The jet then ferried a plane load of Iranian tourists to the Egyptian tourist town of Aswan, the head of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, Mohammad Sharif, confirmed.

Air Memphis Airbus A320
Air Memphis A320
Flights were originally scheduled for March but were delayed after protests by Egypt’s ultra-conservative Salafists, who claimed that Iran intended to use the trips to promote Shi'ia Islam in the predominately Sunni Muslim country.

In an apparent bid to allay the Salafists’ fears, Egyptian tourism officials have repeatedly said that Iranians’ trips are limited to tourist areas outside Cairo and that they are not allowed to visit Egypt mosques revered by Shiites.