Wednesday, June 5, 2013

■ NAMIBIA: NAC to begin $6.8million upgrade of Walvis Bay Airport shortly.

Namibia Airports Company logoThe Namibia Airports Company (NAC) has announced plans to begin the USD6.89million (NAD67million) upgrade of Walvis Bay Airport which will ultimately result in it becoming the country's second international airport after Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek.

Rendering of the new terminal
Rendering of the new terminal (NAC)
Located some 15km east of the harbour town of Walvis Bay, the airport's upgrade will be handled by New Era Investment. Due to the ongoing upgrading of the airport facilities at the airport, runway 09/27 has been reduced in length from 2'134m to 1'675m. An ILS is also to be installed to aide landings in this fog-bound area.
"The airport is in operation at this point in time. The current terminal building will be upgraded, which in essence entails that the old terminal will be retained at the heart of the project, but will be hidden behind a modern concourse expansion. By June 2013, all operations will relocate to the temporary facility after which the renovation work of the terminal building and expansion thereof will commence and last for about 554 days," explained NAC spokeswoman Nia Davids.
Source [New Era]

The new terminal building will boost passenger facilitation from the current 50 to 250 passengers per peak hour. Apart from the increased passenger facilitation capacity, the new terminal facility will deliver more retail/commercial opportunities and product choices for the benefit of airport users.

Owing to its strategic location which forms part of Namibia’s Economic Processing Zone, EPZ, the airport is hoped to become the major export hub of fish and other resources to the rest of Africa and Europe.

The Walvis Bay Airport currently handles daily flights to Johannesburg, Cape Town as well as both of  Windhoek's airports, Hosea Kutako International and Eros Airport.