Tuesday, June 25, 2013

■ KENYA: Gulf Energy planning to build new Fuel facility at Nairobi Wilson airport.

Gulf Energy has announced plans to construct a USD250'000 (KAS20million) aircraft fuelling facility on land leased from the Kenyan Airports Authority at Nairobi Wilson Airport.

Nairobi Wilson Airport
Nairobi Wilson Airport Overview
According to The East African, the facility will include Jet A1 and Avgas supply infrastructure and will take roughly two months to complete once the go ahead is given by the Kenyan National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Once up and running, it will bring Gulf into competition with resident suppliers Total Kenya Ltd and Vivo Energy.

The site, covering about 2'500sqm on the southern side of the airport, was taken over on a 5 year renewable lease starting December 1, 2012.
Gulf will confine operations to distribution of fuel and lubricants to aircraft operating at Wilson Airport using mobile fuel bowsers,” said Aquaclean Services Ltd in environmental and social impact an assessment report done for the project.
Nairobi Wilson Airport, the busy, albeit smaller of Nairobi's two international gateways, sees over 200 movements per day and caters primarily to the general aviation community. Domestic and regional operators are based there as well.