Wednesday, June 5, 2013

■ ANGOLA: Cabinda Airport to be upgraded in 2014/15 - da Silva Tomás.

ENANAThe airport of Cabinda, in the Cabinda province, an exclave of Angola, will be rehabilitated during 2014/15 as part of the country's ongoing infrastructural repair and improvement program undertaken by the country's airport and air traffic authority Empresa Nacional de Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea (ENANA).

According to ANGOP, Angolan Transport Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás, made the announcement during a visit to the oil rich, yet politically volatile, region last week. 

During a speech about "Transport infrastructure and the economic and social development of Cabinda", Mr da Silva Tomás said that the improvement works were intended to boost the airport's throughput capacity while offering greater comfort and service delivery.

Among the improvements to be made include the expansion of the airport apron, construction of a cargo terminal, an MRO hangar, a new control tower, improved airport fencing and security, the construction of a drainage system and an extension of the 2'500m long runway 01/19.