Tuesday, July 30, 2013

■ CONGO (KINSHASA): Construction of new runway at new Boma International Airport nears completion.

DRCProgress on building the Democratic Republic of the Congo's fifth international airport, to be located in Lukandu, a village 12 km from the town of Boma, Bas-Congo, near the mouth of the river Congo, is advancing with the first phase of funding and construction nearing completion. So far, a 3'000m clay runway has been built and inaugurated by the governor of Bas-Congo, Jacques Mbadu Situ, who recently landed on the strip as a means of showing his faith in the project.

Congolese aerodromes
Congolese aerodromes (RVA)
According to DR Congo Airline, construction is being undertaken by a firm named MW Afritec with the runway foundation already laid. Currently only a Category III aerodrome, Boma International Airport, in the long term, will be equipped with a 3'000m-long runway with a control tower, passenger terminal, hangar and various ground-handling facilities to be built in due course. 

Once complete, the airport will compliment the deep-water port of Banana, a major hub and transport gateway to the rest of the DRC.

On completion, the airport will become the DRC's fifth international airport after Kinshasa N'djili, Lubumbashi Luano, Kisangani Bangokai and Gbadolite, and will likely serve as a secondary diversion field to Kinshasa in the event of bad weather.