Monday, July 22, 2013

► ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Q400 reportedly suffers engine problems on finals into Axum; makes a safe landing.

Ethiopian Airlines
An Ethiopian Airlines (ET) Bombardier Q400 operating a domestic flight ET128 from Addis Ababa to Axum, Ethiopia, on Wednesday, July 17, reportedly suffered engine problems on its port side shortly before touchdown at Axum's Emperor Yohannes IV Airport.

An Ethiopian Airlines Q400 in Khartoum
An Ethiopian Airlines Q400 in Khartoum (SChui)
According to The Sudan Tribune, the aircraft, which had 78 passengers aboard, was on approach into Axum's runway 16/34 when smoke was reportedly seen eminating from the aircraft's left side engine.
The smoke sensors in the aircraft indicated a fire alarm one minute before landing” the official who decline to be named said adding, “the left wing of the plane was smoking and one engine was not functioning properly.
We could see smoke coming out of the plane’s wing. Everybody panicked. It was a very scary incident,” said Rigaet Haile-aeb, one of the passengers on board.
The aircraft is said to have made safe, if "rough" landing with all passengers safely disembarking. The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has reportedly opened a investigation into the incident.

As of this posting, Ethiopian Airlines (ET) has yet to respond to a request for a comment.