Sunday, March 3, 2013

► EGYPT: Midwest Airlines, Egypt Leisure Airlines eye Egyptair's retired 737-500 fleet for planned ops.

Egyptair's (MS) fleet of retired Boeing 737-500s have become a hot potato on the Egyptian domestic scene with two carriers, Midwest Airlines and Egypt Leisine Airlines, eyeing them for use in planned operations.

Midwest's 737-800 (MIdwest)
One of Midwest's Boeing 737-800 (Midwest)
Following the expiration of its long term wet-lease contract with Pakistan's Shaheen Air International (NL) in December, Egyptian charter airline Midwest Airlines (WV) is planning to replace its two B737-800s, themselves on lease from the International Leasing Finance Corporation (ILFC), with the smaller ex-EgyptAir B737-500s.

Egypt Leisure Airlines, a possible new charter carrier due to launch ops later this year, is also looking to use the ex-EgyptAir B737-500s on its planned network.

According to CH-Aviation, EgyptAir phased out its last of four B737-500s in December 2012 with the aircraft now available for lease.