Monday, March 4, 2013

► MOZAMBIQUE: TAP Air Portugal outlines Maputo frequency increases for April - October.

TAP Air PortugalPortuguese carrier TAP Air Portugal (TP) has announced it will increase its Lisbon - Maputo flights effective 1 April. In addition, TAP will deploy its Airbus A330 onto the route according to demand.

TAP AIr Portugal A340 Mozambique
TAP Air Portugal in Maputo (AChaves)
According to TAP, flights for the following months will operate on the following days:

TAP Air Portugal(TP): Lisbon - Maputo
- 01APR - 31MAY: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (Days 1,3,4,6) 
- 01JUN - 30JUN: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. (Days 1,3,4,5,7)
- 01JUL - 30SEP: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (Days 1,2,3,4,6)
- 01OCT - 31 OCT: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (Days 1,2,4,6)
  • TP281 LIS 0935 - 2115 MPM EQV
  • TP282 MPM 2245 - 0850+1 LIS EQV
Source [TAP Air Portugal]