Thursday, July 4, 2013

■ SOMALIA: SKA Group shows commitment to Mogadishu Aden Abdulle International Airport with new generator.

SKA International Group logoSKA International Group, the Dubai-based logistics firm that was awarded the management contract of Mogadishu's Aden Abdulle International Airport, Mogadishu has announced the addition of a 500KVa generator to the terminal as show of its commitment to the project. Recently, the Somali press has speculated about the firm's future at Aden Abdulle given the awarding of a construction and management contract for a new passenger terminal to Turkish company, Favori LLC.

SKA Facilities in Mogadishu, Somalia
SKA Facilities in Mogadishu (unknown)
In a statement, SKA director Mr Mike Douglas, said the new generator would help meet current electrical power demands as well as those in future.
"I am pleased to say that this is another example of our [SKA's] true commitment to helping the Somali people, and keeping our long-term promise to improve the capabilities of the Airport," he said.
SKA International Group established operations at Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport in September 2010 and was contracted by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) to provide various ground-handling, fuel farming and logistics operations over a period of ten years at the re-opened airport.

According to the Shabelle newswire, SKA was recently forced to issue a statement saying it was "baffled" by rumours that the Somali government had revoked the contract.
We have heard rumors that our contract for the airport management may be cancelled for no apparent reason, however we have not received anything official from the Somalia Federal Government and if this were to happen it would be very bad for the people of Somalia after all the efforts we have made to rehabilitate the Aden Abdelle International Airport. We sincerely hope this will not happen and we are very much committed to supporting the Somalia Federal Government and developing the aviation and logistics business in Somalia
Mogadishu recently signed a deal with Turkey in which Turkish construction firms, Çetin Group and Kozuva, are to build a new USD10million terminal to replace the current facility. As an added concession, both firms, via their Favori LLC consortium, have been awarded the management contract for the terminal once it is completed.