Tuesday, December 4, 2012

■ ALGERIA: Swissport awarded ground-handling contract for Oran airport.

Swissport Algeria, a division of Swissport International, a global provider of airport ground services, has been awarded a 5-year ground handling licence for Oran International Airport (Ahmed Ben Bella), Algeria by the Etablissement de Gestion des Services Aéroportuaires d’Oran (EGSA Oran) Tender Commission.

Swissport AlgiersThe 5-year licence includes all ground handling services, including cargo handling, at Oran International Airport Ahmed Ben Bella, which is aiming to achieve a throughput of 2.5 million passengers a year with the new airport terminal scheduled to be completed in 2015.

Swissport will now engage the appropriate stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient start-up of operations in spring 2013 with initial managerial support to come from Swissport Algiers thereby ensuring an efficient start-up preparation.

Juan Jose Andres Alvez, Swissport International’s Executive Vice President of Ground Handling for Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa, commented: 
Being awarded with an additional ground handling licence in Algeria is an important milestone in Swissport’s geographical expansion in Africa. We are all excited about this tender award and Swissport Algeria’s expansion into western Algeria. We will spare no effort to ensure that the right people and resources are in place in time to fully meet the requirements and expectations of EGSA Oran, customer airlines and passengers.
Swissport is active at 195 stations in 38 countries on five continents with its Africa operations consisting of Algeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Nigeria and Cameroon.