Wednesday, December 19, 2012

► NIGERIA: Departing Avient Cargo jet blows off roof at Lagos; 12 "exotic" cars damaged.

Avient CargoA departing Avient Cargo (SMJ) jet's (type/registry unknown) jet blast caused considerable damage to Lagos' Murtala Muhammed's International Airport's recently completed Arrival area by blowing off part of the roof.

An Avient DC-10-30F in Oslo
An Avient DC-10-30F
According to Panapress, the jetblast generated by the engines of a cargo plane blew off part of the roof of the arrival hall at the main gateway Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, with the blown-off portion of the roof landing on 12 expensive cars parked nearby.
"A powerful wind from a cargo plane removed the roof of the new arrival hall which fell on 12 exotic cars parked at the diplomatic car park," the sources said.
Source [Panapress]

Zimbabwe-based Avient operates a diverse fleet including MD-11Fs, DC-10Fs, B727s, B737s and Il76s.