Saturday, December 1, 2012

► CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE): Aéro Service Ilyushin IL76 skids off runway during heavy storm at Brazzaville; at least 30 dead.

Aéro-ServiceInternational news-wires are reporting that a AéroService (BF) Ilyushin IL76 (MSN 073410300 | EK-76300) cargo plane has overrun the runway at Brazzaville's Maya Maya Airport before crashing into houses located beside the runway, leaving 30 dead. The accident is said to have occurred at 18h00L during a heavy storm.

Aero-Service Il76 Crash in Brazzaville Congo
The Il-76 (MSN 073410300 | EK-76300) (AGasparian)
There was some controversy over the aircraft's owner, which was subsequently resolved on 1 December when Congolese President, Denis Sassou Nguesso, reported that the Antonov cargo aircraft EK-7613000 belonged to Aero Service.

According to the official rescue services director, Georgelin Massemba, thirty people living in the neighborhood of La Poudrière, located at the end of the airport runway, were killed when the aircraft, which could not brake hard enough on touch down. The crew then applied power to attempt a go around. The aircraft, however, failed to get airborne, and instead left the runway and slammed into fifteen rooms, including a bar, before crashing into a ravine and bursting into flames. The exact composition of the crew who were also killed in the accident is unknown at this time.

The aircraft is said to have been transporting  "five vehicles and other goods." 
"The Ilyushin plane, registered with local company Aero-services, was flying in from the western port city of Pointe Noire. The crew, numbering three or four people, are thought to have died in the ensuing fire. A journalist at the scene said the crash happened during a violent storm."

Founded in 1965 and based in Pointe Noire, Société Aéro-Service Afrigo has suffered a very blotted safety record with 8 recorded incidents since its founding.

Thanks to Bigogwe Masaka.