Sunday, January 27, 2013

■ CAMEROON: New boss Boertien envisages 26 aircraft, a cargo hub, maintenance and training facilities in a peek at his 5 year plan for Camair-Co.

Preliminary tid-bits regarding new CEO Matthijs Boertien's future plans for Cameroonian carrier Camair-Co (QC) have been revealed with the creation of 1'000 jobs via an envisaged fleet of 26 aircraft, a training centre, a maintenance unit, and a cargo hub being amongst the highlights. In the meantime, Boertien has moved to improve the carrier's relationship with its suppliers and staff in an attempt at rebuilding the carrier's battered morale and reputation.

In an interview with Cameroonian paper Mutations, Boertien himself gave an overall view of the state of the carrier he inherited from colleague Alex Van Elk twelve days ago noting that, above all, Camair-Co's "significant deficit" had necessitated a USD5.1million (CFA2.5billion) cash injection by the Cameroonian government in order to placate the carrier's suppliers, who are owed USD20.4million (CFA10billion) in total.

The cash boost was meant to improve strained ties with the airline's suppliers, which he stated, was the primary cause for its poor on-time performance last year:
Matthijs Boertien Camair-Co
Matthijs Boertien (CamLink)
"The poor relationship with suppliers and partners is the approximate origin of the (poor) service that Camair suffered last year: we were never sure of having meals on board hence flights never left on time ... There were a lot of flight delays. Only 20% of our flights were on time. But for 10 days, we went back to almost 90% of flights departing on time," says the CEO of Camair-Co, who claims to have achieved this by simply restoring the internal discipline and professionalism within the company. "Even internal meetings, we no longer tolerate being even one minute late," he says.
Source [Camer.be]

In addition to instilling a renewed sense of professionalism and discipline in the company, Boertien has also moved to repair relations with the company's unions by opening dialogue with them regarding the contentious issue of a 13th Month bonus, the cause of a major strike late last year, with staff contracts to also be reviewed with the aim of "formalizing and developing carrier paths" for staff, most of whom have been working without a contract.

Boertien's approach to labour disputes comes in direct contrast to his predecessor's, who was accused by both staff and unions of ignoring their grievances.

Turning to his 5 year plan for the company, Boertien allured to the following initiaves:

By 2018 he envisages Camair-Co as having:
The full details of Boertien's 5 year 2013 - 2018 plan will be presented in Douala on 1 February.


  1. "Improvement of marketing - the airline has hired Christian Perchat as new Director of Sales. A former Air France, Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius executive, Perchat is tasked with reinventing the battered carrier's image."
    Ooops here again....
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    It speak itself about improving marketing ata Camair........

    1. Interesting articles Marzio; obviously the guy has a chequered history, but i think we should wait and see how QC does under his tenure before we nail him to the proverbial cross.

  2. You are right but oops I forgt
    AIR FRANCE Probability Of Bankruptcy AFA.AS Amsterdam
    www.macroaxis.com/.../AFA.AS--Probability_Of... - United States
    wow so here we are 3 0n 3 .

  3. in any casa he is not real new to Camairinfact he was the:

    Commercial Director
    September 2010 – June 2011 (10 months)

    Start-Up Airline (First Commercial Flight Douala to Paris successfully operated on March, 28, 2011)

    - Build up of the Commercial Organization (staff=72)
    - Implementation of Altea Reservation and Inventory
    - Connection of Altea to Gaëtan Departure Control System
    - Definition of Pricing Strategy and RM Strategy

  4. well already we can say that nothing is changed besize the CEO .If you can see all the management is the same .Consulting and recruiters are the same.The plan in 5 years is no sense, like an Aviation Accademy,what for? 10 or 15 guys per year? maybe?or maybe getting an 787 for what ? depending from a outsider operation in order to keep flying this brand new 787? nWhere are the maintainance guys, you need to train those guys and where is the spare parts magazine ?Catering ?what they do for it ,still depending from French wine and marronglasses?
    Too many questions base on plan that is not suitable with the actual situation that require cost cut and increase of jobs .That is not a plan it is just smoke in the eyes.To my point of wiew