Monday, January 14, 2013

■ SOUTH AFRICA: DoT claims fastjet's relaunch timeframe for 1Time unrealistic, as Skywise remains ontrack for 1 March launch.

fastjetThe launch of Skywise, the South African carrier founded by the original founders of defunct South African LCC 1Time (T6) is on track for a 1 March launch as fastjet's (FN) plans to push forward with a relaunch of 1Time face a protracted, relicensing process that could derail plans for a 27 February relaunch.

Not out of the rough yet (1Time Airline)
Not out of the rough yet (1Time)
Commenting on fastjet's ambitious plans to have 1Time back in the skies by 27 February 2013, Andries Ntjane, the Deputy Director of the South African Department of Transport, said that the entire relicencing process faces "numerous obstacles" before approval can be given.

According to his interview with TourismUpdate SA, 1Time’s AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) was suspended when it filed for liquidation. Any resumption of flights will necessarily depend on the outcome of a thorough re-inspection of the airline by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.
From the [Air Services Licensing] Council’s point of view, 1time’s demise was due to funds. We still have to look at the issue of liquidity before we look at anything further. Regardless of any deals they are concluding, we operate according to the law.” said Ntjane.
Source [TourismUpdate]

Meanwhile, Skywise's target date to be airborne, March 1, is on track confirmed Ntjane, adding that "SkyWise has submitted 100% of the documentation required to obtain its air service licence and the application “looks good”. 

Skywise had originally hoped to get its licence before Christmas, but will now have to wait for the Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) to meet again on January 16, where a final decision on SkyWise’s application will be made.