Sunday, January 13, 2013

■ CONGO (KINSHASA): CAA considering an eventual buy out of flyCongo?

flyCongoAccording to CH-Aviation, CAA - Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation (FPY), the Kinshasa-based Congolese carrier, is said to be planning the eventual acquisition of partner, flyCongo (EO), the successor to the now defunct Hewa Bora Airways, with whom it has been in a partnership since October 2012.

flyCongo's network
flyCongo's network (flyCongo)
The speculation comes as in late October 2012, the directors of the two airlines, Jean-Marc Pajo of FlyCongo and Daniel Blattner of CAA, co-hosted a press conference in which they announced the formation of an alliance, dispelling rumours that CAA had bought out flyCongo. 

Their agreement focuses on the 'rationalization of costs' for the financially overburdened airlines by optimizing their technical and economic services and operations.
The two directors were adamant that both CAA and FlyCongo would remain independent companies with both bosses have indicated that this alliance is also open to other Congolese operators with its duration indefinite.
"This is an alliance between two companies that remain independent. There is therefore no change in the shareholding of each. Their social capital have not changed," added Blattner.
Source [Grouplavenir]

Later on this year, the two airlines are expected to jointly sell their services under a "Fly CAA" hybrid brand. 

Currently, flyCongo's network covers Congo with its sole regional destination, Johannesburg, South Africa. Its fleet consists of two MD-82s and a single Boeing 767-200. CAA, too, offers an extensive network in the DRC with regional flights to Entebbe, Uganda using three A320-200s, a Fokker 100 and four Fokker 50.