Thursday, January 24, 2013

► TANZANIA: South Africa's Mango sets sights on East Africa with Zanzibar a possible launch destination.

South African Low Cost Carrier Mango (JE) is set to expand into the East African market in the coming 18 months according to Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout with the strongest contender on the carrier's list said to be Zanzibar, where the carrier operated a limited charter service in December.

According to the Travel Industry Review:
"Low-cost airline Mango is shortly expected to confirm a direct service to Zanzibar out of South Africa, after the carrier said it was seriously evaluating new prospects in east Africa last week."
Source [TIR]

In his December news letter, Bezuidenhout said that the future of growth for South African carrier's lay in what he termed "Continental Opportunity," with Mango keen on focussing on the East African market.
Nico Bezuidenhout Mango CEO
African growth, at a forecast 5% is well above the global average, and the progressive realisation of the Yamoussoukro declaration (open skies) in the near future sets the stage for rapid growth outside our borders. The African airlift will tell the story of increased trade between nations and continents, economic growth and above all, opportunity for South African carriers. Mango is presently pursuing several new routes, with a particular focus on the east-African seaboard, with a planned roll-out of 18 months.” He expects Mango’s competitors to also seek out the Continental Opportunity with hub development further north, too. “It would make sense for South African airline brands to expand and grow hubs to service destinations both east, west and further north. As we remain at the furthest tip of the continent, it will become essential to establish base-footprints in other territories.
Source [LogupdateAfrica]

The South Africa-Zanzibar route was last served by bankrupt LCC 1Time (T6). Tanzania's Precision Air (PW) abandoned the route in August last year in order to focus on expanding its local network while Fastjet (FN) are expected to announce flights between Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam in the coming weeks.