Thursday, January 17, 2013

■ NIGERIA: FAAN adamant on abandoned aircraft issue; gives owners 1 week ultimatum.

FAANThe Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has issued an ultimatum to all owners of decrepit and decaying aircraft lying abandoned at the country's numerous airports and airfields, to have them removed within a week. 

Nigeria's numerous aircraft graveyards
Lagos MMA Boneyard (KIwelumo)
The FAAN's latest ultimatum comes after the Authority in late November 2012 gave the owners one month to remove their property. FAAN's Director of Airport Operations, Henry Omoegwu, said the aircraft constituted a threat to the security and safety at the airports and was adamant the latest deadline would not be extended.
''There will be no extension, we have asked the contractors to clear the mess. We have given statutory notices to the owners of the aircraft to take them away, because they are eating up the space at the airport," Omoegwu told journalists in Lagos.
Source [Panapress]

Previous attempts in the last 10 years by aviation authorities to have the aircraft removed have encountered a combination of belligerence and legal obstacles as owner's have resorted to legal injunctions to prevent the FAAN from removing their aircraft.