Sunday, January 27, 2013

► MAURITIUS: Air France, Air Mauritius to take their relationship to the next level?

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Air Mauritius
Relations between Air France (AF) and Mauritian national carrier Air Mauritius (MK) could develop into a closer strategic and financial partnership following a state visit to France on 21 January by the Prime Minister of Mauritius.

Andre Viljoen
Andre Viljoen (FM)
During talks, the two Heads of State, Navin Ramgoolam and François Hollande, discussed the idea of a financial and strategic partnership between Air Mauritius and Air France both of whom already cooperate via codeshare and through their loyalty programs.

After heavy losses in 2011/2012, Air Mauritius CEO, Andre Viljoen said his overall objective was to find a strategic partner who could assist with MK's own required future fleet requirements, which involve the retirement of its A340s and the acquisition of either Boeing 787s or Airbus A350s.

As Middle Eastern carriers continue taking their toll on the Indian Ocean carriers, Réunion based Air Austral (UU), is also rumoured to be on the radar for a possible take over, though those rumours remain purely speculative at this stage.