Tuesday, October 30, 2012

►► CHAD: Presidential Jet involved in accident in Kalait; no casualties.

Chad flagReports out of Chad claim that the Chadian Presidential Jet, carrying strongman Idriss Deby, was yesterday involved in an accident whilst landing in Bir Kalait, 750 kilometres North East of the capital, Ndjamena. No casualties were reported, though the aircraft is said to have sustained damage.

According to a statement from the Chadian Government, the aircraft, a Government Beech 1900D (confirmed MCN UE406 | TT-ABB) was coming into land at Kalait, with Deby aboard, when it (likely) touched down early before the runway, and was subsequently damaged:
Bir Kalait, Chad
Bir Kalait, Tchad (GoogleMaps)
"...The presidential plane missed its landing on runway in Kalait yesterday, and was damaged, according to the official statement of the Chadian government. The pilot landed before reaching the runway, according to an unofficial source. To prevent the opposition in exile from speculating on the incident, the government rushed to publish an official statement and the President of the Republic has been shown on television. The President was to preside at the Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Kalait Development Forum  organized by citizens.."
Source [alwihda.info]


Tchad Government Beech 1900D (confirmed MCN UE406 | TT-ABB)
Chad Government Beech 1900D (MCN UE406 | TT-ABB) (DPTS)
"..the presidential aircraft was on final approach when it undershot the runway and contacted uneven terrain. The aircraft veered off the where it lost its entire undercarriage and both propellers failed before it came to rest about 200 meters further. Although the aircraft appeared to have received substantial damage its fuselage remained intact and all on board were able to get out."