Thursday, October 11, 2012

► MOROCCO: Mauritanian Airlines International Boeing 737-700 suffers second technical glitch in three weeks.

Mauritania Airlines logoA Boeing 737-700 (MSN 34263 | 5T-CLC), leased from Aviation Capital Group and operated by Mauritanian Airlines International (L6), the national airline of Mauritania, on Tuesday, suffered yet another technical glitch; its second in 3 weeks. 

Mauritanian Airlines International Boeing 737-700
Mauritanian Airlines International Boeing 737-700 5T-CLC (AG)
The Mauritanian press writes that the aircraft, which was meant to have operated as flight L6-103 from Casablanca, Morocco to Nouakchott, Mauritania, instead remained grounded at Casablanca's Mohamed V International Airport, after a "technical fault was detected in the cabin." No further explanation as to the nature of the fault was given.

Following the technical problem, Mauritanian Airlines International authorities in Nouakchott sent another aircraft to Morocco to bring the 35 stranded passengers back to Mauritania, though by dawn on Wednesday they were still in Casablanca.

On Sunday, 16 September, 5T-CLC was forced to reject its takeoff from Nouakchott International Airport en-route to Casablanca, when a kerosene leak was detected in one of the aircraft's engines.

Set up in December 2010 in response to the demise of Mauritania Airways, Mauritanian Airlines International operates a small fleet consisting of two Boeing 737-500s in addition to its sole Boeing 737-700. From its base at Nouakchott International Airport, the carrier operates short and medium-haul flights to various domestic and regional West African flights, with Paris (CDG), France being its lone long haul route.